MCC's protected habitats

Mud Creek Conservancy habitats and conservation easements exist to protect the special biodiversity of the Mud Creek watershed and to serve as "living laboratories" for school groups and scout troops. MCC will gladly arrange guided tours of the properties for any individuals or community groups interested in learning about our mission. Please call us at 317.985.0992 to schedule a visit. 

Goodman-Kunz Conservation Easement   

Donated December 1996

The conservation easement donated on this 7 acre parcel was the first  protected habitat entrusted with the Mud Creek Conservancy. The sloping terrain supports an interesting mix of biodiversity.

Indianapolis Water Company Conservation Easement   

Donated August 2000

The Indianapolis Water Company donated a 7 acre conservation easement on this property, located at the intersection of Sargent and Fall Creek Roads.

Lantern Road Conservation Easements

Donated February 2005

Lantern Road property owners donated conservation easements to protect 5 acres of sensitive reparian habitat straddling Mud Creek just south of 82nd Street.

86th Street Nature Preserve

Donated October 2007

This 7 acre parcel contains both unique biodiversity and interesting geology. It abuts the Goodman-Kunz Easement, creating a linked wildlife corridor.

Biesterfeldt Conservation Easements

Donated December 2007

These three easements protect a total of 7 acres, and are home to the Mud Creek Meadow. 

Smietana - Adler Conservation Easement

Donated December 2007

This conservation easement protects 2 acres that includes a spring-fed tributary to Mud Creek and a ravine containing unique biodiversity.