What we do

We conserve the natural habitat of the Mud Creek watershed

MCC works with property owners throughout the watershed to draft conservation easements. Conservation easements protect natural habitat by establishing a framework of land use restrictions. Once an easement is donated to MCC, we periodically monitor the easement for compliance and partner with the property owner to enhance the biodiversity of the protected habitat.


We connect kids with nature

MCC's protected natural habitats serve as a "living laboratory" where kids of all ages can interact with nature. Local teachers conduct outdoor science classes at the habitats and school and scout groups use the habitats for service project opportunities. Our community outreach service brings nature to kids at neighborhood events, fairs and farmer's markets.



We improve the biodiversity of our protected habitats

MCC partners with property owners, volunteers and environmental remediation experts to create land management plans for each protected habitat. Stewardship activities are designed to improve each habitat's biodiversity. Stewardship activities include removing invasive species, building bird and bat houses, and digging ephemeral ponds for enhancing amphibian breeding opportunities.