Mud Creek

The Mud Creek watershed is one of Indianapolis’s most spectacular natural gems. Home to several rare and endangered species, a rich human history dating back to the Miami Indians, and a rolling topography rarely found in central Indiana, the natural habitat protected by the Mud Creek Conservancy also sits atop one of the largest aquifers providing drinking water to the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area.

Since 1995, the Mud Creek Conservancy has permanently protected 35 acres of natural habitat in the Mud Creek watershed. This was accomplished through donations of conservation easements on ecologically sensitive and high-biodiversity land parcels. Much of the acreage lies in or abuts the Mud Creek floodway and floodplain and serves to protect critical riparian habitat.

The unique biodiversity of the Mud Creek watershed has been documented by recognized national & local experts Dr. Rebecca Dolan, Dr. John Whitaker, Rick Marrs, and Don Gorney. Their biodiversity surveys have been catalogued with the Indiana DNR Natural Heritage Data Center.

The natural lands held in trust by MCC for future generations will serve as living laboratories, allowing students of all ages to study the unique biodiversity and rich history of the Mud Creek valley. And the importance of Mud Creek’s protected aquifer will increase as Indianapolis continues to grow in size and population, stressing existing sources of clean drinking water.